Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Humor translates?

Many magazines with jokes are funny, books that describe funny situations, videos and films that make inevitable that we escape some laughter. Laugh like and enjoy this moment of joy so intense everyone. And it is natural to want to share these fun with others creations.
Now, it is very tempting to believe that ac humorous text can be translated to any language with ease and humor will produce the same effect in other cultures. The humor is universal, no? If something is fun, everyone should laugh anyway, regardless of the language in which it is expressed. However, in reality, translations of jokes and funny stories represent a great challenge for translators. It is that work is not a simple translation, but a challenging location .

There are different reasons why a fun text may lose a little charm when it translates. You can fail miserably, or in the worst cases, it may even offend the reader. The reason is that many jokes are based on words or rhymes, games elements that tend to disappear in a translation. Many translators are the impossible task. The humor is also charged with belonging to a given region socio-cultural issues. An obvious example would be that while in some countries, certain animals are venerated as deities, in others, these animals are consumed as sustenance. Think of the kittens in the United States against the kittens in remote areas of Guangxi. This is what it means to locate. It is understood the concept of the joke, but adapt it to a different culture , to achieve an effect as close as possible to the original text. Undoubtedly, we must change the writing, characters and the setting of a story and perhaps remove or replace some fragments of a joke. It is essential, therefore, to give leave to linguists to readjust the texts to translate them, in order to make laugh people from different places.
Of course, there are also cases in which a text has a form of translatable humor that does not require changes, but, in general, have to be prepared to leave that many stories and jokes will suffer a small metamorphosis, so they can be funny in others countries.
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